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DKA Realty Wholesalers

Commercial and residential properties at below fair market value are daily updating all over America. These properties are known as wholesale deals. Property types such as single family and multi family, townhouses and condos, commercial and vacant land, and mobile/manufacturing homes are available in abundance. In additon, property sale types such as pre-foreclosures, bank foreclosures, government foreclosures, short sales, tax sales, auctions, resales (MLS), rent to own, rentals, for sale by owners, and owner financing are updated daily and are available in abundance. Are you looking for certain types of home features, well our home findings can range from 1- 4+ bedrooms, 1- 4+ bathrooms, and 500-2500+ square footage. Name your own price for hot deals, and new homes with photos. you can possibly save up to 50% on foreclosures. For more information, please leave us a detailed message on our contact page.